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Where do these funds come from?

Unclaimed money can come from:
• Security deposits on apartments or rental homes
• Utility deposits and energy rebates
• Forgotten checking or savings accounts
• Undelivered federal, state and local tax refunds
• Unpaid wages
• Uncollected retirement benefits (it has been reported that the federal government alone owes $67 million)
• Unclaimed death benefits (sources indicate that insurance companies are holding nearly $8 billion in payouts)
• Unused gift certificates

And others!

If you think only wealthy people have so much money they wouldn’t know if they were missing some, think again. It can happen to ANYONE.

Unclaimed funds can come from a variety of places. Those funds are held in many different places. Each state – and sometimes county – has different regulations about where to find them, as does the Federal Government.

We not only discover the funds, we locate the owners and go to the RIGHT place to get the funds back into the claimant’s hands.