Making plans and moving forward

First in my mind is creating regular, steady, reliable income for this corporation as it reboots.  Criteria:

  1. Low time impact
  2. Quick to viable income
  3. Must exceed current income so I can work on the business without disruption
  4. Must be repeatable for others with little education requirement, little capital, and no cost to me or to them.  I intend on offering this 100% free.  I am a proponent of UBI and this model must allow people to create ready income in the vein of UBI.

This will be the basis of the entire plan for the other areas of the corporation as well.  Everything hinges on this model.

Business model has been chosen, and education I have been through the past few years will drive it.  Working out the kinks over the next few months with the intent to launch mid-2018.

Hidden until process proven out.

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