Fitness plan for the New Year

I turned 55 this month.

I am approaching fitness as a 3 tiered project. Cardio, flexibility and mobility, and building lean muscle mass and endurance.

Swimming has been a go-to for me for over a year now. At one point, I was swimming more than a mile a day. The struggle with that is it takes a large amount of time. It takes me about 2 minutes to swim a lap (50 yards total) as I do the breaststroke. 1 mile is 60 laps. I can comfortably take 45 minutes a day – I swim at lunchtime so that is impractical and just not working out. Cutting my swimming back to 40-45 laps has been ideal. It does, however, leave a gap. Swimming will help me in overall fitness as well as building lean muscle mass and endurance. I will be moving swimming to an evening activity (after 7pm) as it can be very relaxing – particularly if I do a 15 minute hot tub afterward.

I am adding two new fitness regimens this year. One is Essentrics. I am planning on completing certification frankly as I see this as a bridge for people in my age bracket to increase and improve our quality of life. This will be my morning starter plan. I will do this activity from 6am – 7am.

The second new fitness regimen will be Figure 8. I plan on incorporating this at lunchtime. This will be my cardio. As I will be doing this at home, I can comfortably do an hour long session. While swimming does elevate my heart rate to around 105-110 bpm, I need something more reliable that pushes it a little higher. This activity will happen somewhere between 11:30 am and 1 pm meeting schedule driving that timing.

I plan on blogging about each of these separately so please stay tuned!

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