EA weekly review and prep for the second week test of system

So today I lost but by far less.  I figured out something I *should* have known but did not – when you attach a trailing stop (even with different lot sizes) U.S brokers will move ALL STOPS AS ONE.   This means later entries that should not have closed did causing losses on those entries.

I have made the adjustments to my strategy and plan on testing that next week.

For now, the results for the entire week show as:

529.7 pips captured for the week, with a profit of $145.49.  Since I am trading micro lots for this test phase, that is very positive.

I remind myself, and those reading these results that on average if this where in mini-lots it would have been around $530 or for standard lots, $5,300.

It’s all about the long game, building the account, and enabling a systemic approach that earns people replacement income.  Giving people the ability to say NO to the life they do not want to live and enabling them to seek ways to say YES to the life they do want to live.

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