EA Week 2 Refining the process

4/23/18 – Today I am in trades but not closing yet.  Refining the trailing stop is interesting.  I went the route of setting the trailing stop to the same number but starting 5 pips beyond the 3rd position.  We shall see what comes of it when these close out.

I had one trade that stuck – the rest either did not fire or closed just in profit (as they were moving against me I closed early.)

That will be tricky.  I want to make sure this EA is simple but also able to distinguish a trade that is going the wrong way before it causes harm.  Or deciding what the loss percentage will be that is palatable to most people.

This really needs to be something that can help everyone.  Transforming people’s lives and letting them have the ability to select their own path because basic needs are already met.

I may use the indicators Bulls and then Bears to indicate when to stay in or get out.  When the balance shifts, look to exit gracefully.

Wound up down 28.8 pips or $2.95 loss for the day.  Other trades still running into the next day.

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