EA Testing Day 3

So this is what I am noticing.  I am doing well this first week –

Day 1 –

258.4 pips
Day 2 – 225.9 pips
Day 3 – 294.4 pips

Great on pips taken!  I think most traders would be ecstatic with that.  If I had the cash to fund it, running full lot sizes that’s over $7000 in 3 days.

But that is the rub – and I knew it going in.  It is different when you see the actual amounts though.  You can feel the pain of it.  With 775+ pips taken, cash wise it’s just about $120.  Ugh.  I feel strongly that anyone that has not traded before is going to be frustrated with that.  I know I have been and it’s lead me to make foolish choices in the past by WAY overextending my account.

Part of what needs to be addressed is not only *the* most aggressive timeline as well as the safest but also realistic calculation based on a person’s existing income to replace that.

One idea I have is to reverse the lot size.

Work on a spreadsheet that is a shared read only link people can use to calculate time to achieve their goal based on the monthly income required to do so.

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