EA Process Testing Day One results

I decided last night that the EA I createfor MT4 will be under the LLC Community Commerce.  This will make it clean and easily trackable.

First day’s testing result is 258.4 pips captured.  If only that was in full lot sizes!  However, I am doing this as I will recommend others start.  Using micro lots (or demo accounts).

Still trying to determine a way to generate income from this as I will not charge for the EA.  Advertising being obvious but would like something more clever.  I plan on updating weekly and will eventually link my MyFXBook system to this endeavour but since I just took a hatchet to the trades I had running (I closed ANYTHING in this particular account not related to the new strategy so took hefty losses.)

I feel very positive but it’s only been one day of trials.  Ever the optimist!

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