EA End of Week 1

I moved $500 out of this account and into an auto trader so as of Sunday 4/22/18 my balance starting out is a very modest $600.  By doing this, I can continue to refine my EA system while showing that a modest account can be used.  I feel uniquely qualified in this.  I understand that for the majority of the people on the planet $500 is a lot of money – and would be a stretch.

Considering if there is a way – once this is going – to start an account, fund it initially, then after I get paid back from the account I started (with my money) plus say 10% or something as a way of funding this venture.  The earnings will be small from these accounts, but if I fund it no one else is involved in losing money.

Maybe something like this:  I open an account with $500.  I run the account as my own.  As soon as I get profit from it (my original $500 + whatever the value I intend as payment is), I turn it over to someone that has built up a demo account using the EA to a predetermined value?  It’s a thought.

Another consideration is to make the system self-perpetuating by adding the second condition that the recipient MUST bring in 1 other person prior to receiving their own account.  Trying to determine how to make it an account that they are recipients of but only by receiving a perpetual income – not by draining the account.

One of the goals I have in rebranding and re-imagining this company is to make it something that while profitable does not take profits from people directly.    By forming a model that does this, I eliminate the caste system we currently live under.  I sincerely hope to make this a life changing model for everyone.

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