Weekly update

All trading for the week closed for this particular system.  I think it works, but will run the tests another couple of weeks before beginning coding.  Redesign of the system process flow will be completed today along with sketching out some ideas that I see as enhancements for future release.

The initial game plan is something simple that can just run with wins outnumbering losses, but pips captured adding 70-80% improvement week over week.  That’s a lot to ask.

Good week, learned a TON and even applied it for a couple days.  Just need to keep moving forward.

Analysis update 4/26/2018

Here is what I found this week.  I have been monitoring and really looking at what is happening market-wise vs the trades I have been entering.   I have decided to modify the strategy and make it truly my own.  I will be updating the business strategy based these findings.  Essentially I have been stopped out all week this week again.  Still in the black over all, just know we can do better.


EA Update 4/24/18

Continuing with the majority of the trades from the prior day.  Most of the setups did not trigger.  That will happen on a regular basis – if conditions are not met, the EA will not fire either.

EA Week 2 Refining the process

4/23/18 – Today I am in trades but not closing yet.  Refining the trailing stop is interesting.  I went the route of setting the trailing stop to the same number but starting 5 pips beyond the 3rd position.  We shall see what comes of it when these close out.

I had one trade that stuck – the rest either did not fire or closed just in profit (as they were moving against me I closed early.)

That will be tricky.  I want to make sure this EA is simple but also able to distinguish a trade that is going the wrong way before it causes harm.  Or deciding what the loss percentage will be that is palatable to most people.

This really needs to be something that can help everyone.  Transforming people’s lives and letting them have the ability to select their own path because basic needs are already met.

I may use the indicators Bulls and then Bears to indicate when to stay in or get out.  When the balance shifts, look to exit gracefully.

Wound up down 28.8 pips or $2.95 loss for the day.  Other trades still running into the next day.

EA End of Week 1

I moved $500 out of this account and into an auto trader so as of Sunday 4/22/18 my balance starting out is a very modest $600.  By doing this, I can continue to refine my EA system while showing that a modest account can be used.  I feel uniquely qualified in this.  I understand that for the majority of the people on the planet $500 is a lot of money – and would be a stretch.

Considering if there is a way – once this is going – to start an account, fund it initially, then after I get paid back from the account I started (with my money) plus say 10% or something as a way of funding this venture.  The earnings will be small from these accounts, but if I fund it no one else is involved in losing money.

Maybe something like this:  I open an account with $500.  I run the account as my own.  As soon as I get profit from it (my original $500 + whatever the value I intend as payment is), I turn it over to someone that has built up a demo account using the EA to a predetermined value?  It’s a thought.

Another consideration is to make the system self-perpetuating by adding the second condition that the recipient MUST bring in 1 other person prior to receiving their own account.  Trying to determine how to make it an account that they are recipients of but only by receiving a perpetual income – not by draining the account.

One of the goals I have in rebranding and re-imagining this company is to make it something that while profitable does not take profits from people directly.    By forming a model that does this, I eliminate the caste system we currently live under.  I sincerely hope to make this a life changing model for everyone.

EA weekly review and prep for the second week test of system

So today I lost but by far less.  I figured out something I *should* have known but did not – when you attach a trailing stop (even with different lot sizes) U.S brokers will move ALL STOPS AS ONE.   This means later entries that should not have closed did causing losses on those entries.

I have made the adjustments to my strategy and plan on testing that next week.

For now, the results for the entire week show as:

529.7 pips captured for the week, with a profit of $145.49.  Since I am trading micro lots for this test phase, that is very positive.

I remind myself, and those reading these results that on average if this where in mini-lots it would have been around $530 or for standard lots, $5,300.

It’s all about the long game, building the account, and enabling a systemic approach that earns people replacement income.  Giving people the ability to say NO to the life they do not want to live and enabling them to seek ways to say YES to the life they do want to live.

EA Update Day 4

Today was the first losing day.  The LDB wiped out most of the prior day’s wins but still ahead for the week.  This is when we have to remind ourselves that this is a long view plan even though the initial goal is a fast and furious build up of our accounts to a sustainable level for our income needs.

I plan on scalping today to attempt to recover the account to the level I want it at as this is also my PERSONAL goal.  I just intend on helping others do the same as I perfect it.

It is also worthwhile to note that I chose to remove the trailing stop and therefore lost two positions on almost every trade at full value.  Had I kept that in place, the first positions would have won slightly and offset the second a bit.  Let’s not do that again.

EA Testing Day 3

So this is what I am noticing.  I am doing well this first week –

Day 1 –

258.4 pips
Day 2 – 225.9 pips
Day 3 – 294.4 pips

Great on pips taken!  I think most traders would be ecstatic with that.  If I had the cash to fund it, running full lot sizes that’s over $7000 in 3 days.

But that is the rub – and I knew it going in.  It is different when you see the actual amounts though.  You can feel the pain of it.  With 775+ pips taken, cash wise it’s just about $120.  Ugh.  I feel strongly that anyone that has not traded before is going to be frustrated with that.  I know I have been and it’s lead me to make foolish choices in the past by WAY overextending my account.

Part of what needs to be addressed is not only *the* most aggressive timeline as well as the safest but also realistic calculation based on a person’s existing income to replace that.

One idea I have is to reverse the lot size.

Work on a spreadsheet that is a shared read only link people can use to calculate time to achieve their goal based on the monthly income required to do so.

EA Process Testing Day One results

I decided last night that the EA I createfor MT4 will be under the LLC Community Commerce.  This will make it clean and easily trackable.

First day’s testing result is 258.4 pips captured.  If only that was in full lot sizes!  However, I am doing this as I will recommend others start.  Using micro lots (or demo accounts).

Still trying to determine a way to generate income from this as I will not charge for the EA.  Advertising being obvious but would like something more clever.  I plan on updating weekly and will eventually link my MyFXBook system to this endeavour but since I just took a hatchet to the trades I had running (I closed ANYTHING in this particular account not related to the new strategy so took hefty losses.)

I feel very positive but it’s only been one day of trials.  Ever the optimist!