Weekly Update 5/12/2018

As expected, the ideas are evolving.

  1.  I am going back to the drawing board on the EA.  It just isn’t doing what I wanted it to do, which is to provide quick, reliable, and easy income anyone could use.  I am rethinking it, and will return to this.
  2. The autotrading system I implemented is going very well.  This is not one I developed so I cannot sell it, but it will create a reliable income stream for the business.
  3. I am back into crypto-currency.  Using Cointracking.info, I can manage what my account looks like so that I can buy low and sell high much more efficiently.  Everything is tracked for tax-time, and I can autoupdate information from the exchange I am using.  This will be another great investment strategy for the business.
  4. DBA work continues as does the search for other income streams for the organization.

Beginning of a New Journey

First steps.

At the beginning of this new journey, I started with, “What would I do if I were unemployed tomorrow.”  I asked myself if I would like to continue to work as an I.T. contractor, which was the original goal of this corporation – I have been a contractor for many years and incorporated (S-Corp) due to a requirement of a very large client.  That got a hard NO.  While a great career path and something I have been involved with since 1980, I have become hyper-specialized in a proprietary system and have absolutely no desire to go back to school to learn more I.T. stuff.  I used to be passionate about it, but not any more.

Then I asked myself, “What have I done in life that made me feel successful, that I was willing to really put myself out there for, and that I feel contributed to real and tangible benefit.

I answered myself with

  • the local “Rally For Sanity” that I organized with the Daily Show crew to try to help elevate the national conversation
  • the TSA protest when I proudly and peacefully stood outside metro-Airport with one other individual to say the erosion of our presumption of innocence and violation by our government were not acceptable
  • Co-Founding the Ferndale Cat Shelter and Cafte Lounge

All three of those things – in addition to others – are moments I am proud of.  All of them required that I put myself out there outside of my comfort zone (quite a bit) and none of them involved a hunger for money or power.  Just the opposite.

I have had Third Wave Matrix, Inc. since 2006 but the past 3 or 4 years really haven’t done anything with it.  There were a few lingering bills – like web hosting etc – that I just hadn’t shut down, but no real income or ambition.  I almost let it dissolve.   Over this year I have had a few epiphanies and decided just this week that I am not ready to do that.  Instead, I want to relaunch and refocus.  This time on ideas and goals that really matter to me.  I won’t be one of those people that just complains online about the state of things without doing anything.

I am in the process of a complete change in mission, goals, and objectives.  Stay tuned.  As I go, I will be documenting and blogging about my journey – it won’t be perfectly formed commentary.  Instead, it will be my personal letter to the world in hopes that what I do here will mean something, help some people (and some animals).  In general, just making the world a better place.

Angela Fisher

Dreamer and ideator