Setting Goals and Objectives – Esoterically

Over the past few years, I feel my business has been kind of just “there”. I’ve not been doing what I want to drive it forward. So I started to break it down and decided that would be a great blog post. Something to help me work through this, as writing tends to do that for me. So, here goes. I have a feeling this will be either long, or turn into multiple posts. This will be written at a very personal level, with my own end goals in mind. Maybe someone else will relate.

What do I want to do with my life?

First, one thing I know I want to do is take charge of my time and my focus. I want to stop the idea that my life goes on hold because external demands take over.

Second, I want the primary source of income to come from a fairly passive source. I will continue to have other avenues as well.

Third, I want to be proud of what I do. It needs to be something I am happy to share not only conversationally but also educationally. Something that can be taught to others to help them achieve the same goals if they want.

Fourth, no sales. That goes hand in hand with #3. Sales is an honorable thing to do, but it is diametrically opposed with my end goals. I want to be able to share my primary source freely and without restrictions. That changes the relationship and the purpose. If I find something that works that needs to be purchased externally, the most I am willing to do is offer an affiliate link. I will tell people what I do, and they can make up their own minds about anything like that.

Somehow, I don’t think I am the only person that feels this way. Many of us feel like life has been turned into a hamster wheel that we want to break free from.

Yes, this will be a multi-post. So ends part 1.

Who is Third Wave Matrix, Inc?

Third Wave Matrix, Inc is an S-Corp setup in 2007 by Angela Fisher. The choice on structure was made to accomodate a particular client requirement of only working with corporations, not LLCs. As such, most of this site will be written in the first person as I am the corporation, but do occasionally hire subcontractors as the client need requires.

Over the years I have learned that I love helping and setting up new businesses. But I do not love what comes after. I am a serial entrepreneur. But not a serial small business owner. I think that is an important distinction as people (yes, even business people!) come in all matter of individualizations. Recognizing who I am and what I love is an important component of my success in business as well as my success as an individual.