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None of us are single faceted. We all have a variety of interests – some more important, some less. I intend to write about mine and hopefully that will encourage some others to do the same or engage.

This blog, at this writing (January 20, 2019) will include a variety of topics. Maybe it will help me generate a little income on the side for my business, or maybe it will just be. In either case, by writing about what I love or am experiencing, no harm, no foul. It will be value added to ME. Maybe I will grow from the experience – which is always a good thing.

Some of my topics are –

The Third Wave. This is based on an idea from one of my favorite futurist authors, Alvin Toffler. The concept is that mankind went through an agricultural age, then an industrial age, and now we are in the third age – data and information. How does that impact us, what can we do as a species to thrive in this age?

What working from home means to me. Includes how I manage it, how I modify my own (and my family’s) behavior, and what is involved in keeping balance.

Certification path. I have been an analyst for a number of years now and was an IT manager and systems operator in prior years. Recently I decided it has been quite some time since I have taken any courses or certifications. I am starting with my SQL certs with an eye to getting my DBA certs. What does that mean? How does someone go through the process? What is involved, and where does it take me?

Project management for non-project managers. I am not really a project manager, but sometimes have to act like one. How to cope? I will discuss those ideas in this category.

Forex Trading. I have been trading for a few years, and I am starting to show a turn around. Will be sharing that portion of my life – the good and the bad – with the intention of improvement.

Healthy living. Like most people, I have been modifying my diet and exercise. In January 2018 I became a vegan. I also swim at least 4 days a week (preferably 5) and am incorporating other things in my routine.

Positive living and positive energy. Why do we no longer talk about our goals and dreams as people – as a society of human beings, why have we turned to far inward? Have we lost our spirit of adventure, learning, and growth? Or is this a mis-perception? This is my more rambling esoteric category. One bound to bring conflict and discord but I think an important discussion.

Copywriting. I am well on my way to setting up a B2B copywriting service. This is a natural fit for me. I spent several years doing web design and setup, including SEO optimization . Those skills are older now – about a decade. However, I do have a firm grasp on how to do these things. Additionally, I’ve written white papers, analysis, and marketing materials. As a result, I am taking added training to beef up those skills and learn how to market them.

So, that is the initial list.

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