Super Powered Oatmeal

One of the first things I did on my accidental vegan journey was to switch to oatmeal in the mornings. I’ve always liked it occasionally, but making it a regular daily thing has been vital for me personally. I wanted this recipe to be the first thing I shared for that reason. I have this almost every day and it really keeps me powered up and going strong.

Steel cut oats
1T Amaranth seeds
1T Flax seeds
1T Hemp hearts
1T Chia seeds
Natural sweetening (I use maple syrup) to taste

Make the oatmeal according to the directions. I don’t like mushy food, so that’s why the steel cut matters for me. The taste and texture and completely different. I add the amaranth seeds into the water with the oatmeal.

In my bowl I combine the remaining seeds.

When the oatmeal has finished cooking add it to the seed mixture – combining as you add.

Top with the sweetening agent (to taste) and then I usually like a crunch like a natural granola or even peanuts on top of mine. Dried fried, or fresh fruit – you decide. One thing I really like about this meal is that it is very versatile.. Simple and quick as well.