Weekly Update 5/12/2018

As expected, the ideas are evolving.

  1.  I am going back to the drawing board on the EA.  It just isn’t doing what I wanted it to do, which is to provide quick, reliable, and easy income anyone could use.  I am rethinking it, and will return to this.
  2. The autotrading system I implemented is going very well.  This is not one I developed so I cannot sell it, but it will create a reliable income stream for the business.
  3. I am back into crypto-currency.  Using Cointracking.info, I can manage what my account looks like so that I can buy low and sell high much more efficiently.  Everything is tracked for tax-time, and I can autoupdate information from the exchange I am using.  This will be another great investment strategy for the business.
  4. DBA work continues as does the search for other income streams for the organization.